…is a magical journey into the world of colour and chakras.  Meditative  painting exercises allow us to explore the essence of each colour in all  its nuances and to sense its influence on our body and mind. Letting  the colour pigment flow freely to and fro in the watery element, natural  movements arise quite spontaneously out of each colour. Observing  these in a serious, but playful manner, deep emotions may surface and  by sensing into our body, we can experience corresponding reactions  within the subtle energy flow of our Chakras.   Working with lots of water on paper suitable for the wet-in-wet painting method, we begin with the faintest hue of each colour, increasing the strength of pigment very slowly and gently. Making sure that no part of the paper dries up, we can paint for as long as we enjoy playing with the changing shapes and images arising out of the colour. If we are open to them, they can give us messages from our subconscious and help us to understand the function of the chakras and the natural law of resonance. We must first, however, accept the scientifically proven fact that all matter consists of energy: our planet earth as well as the elements and our bodies. Some of these energies swing in such high frequencies that they remain invisible to our eyes because they do not manifest in material form. Nevertheless, they do exist, just like the waves with which we receive radio sounds, see television pictures, or sense the warmth of the sun or the cold air of autumn winds. Similarly, do the chakra-colours swing in different frequencies and form a subtle energetic link to the spiritual world and natural environment, as well as our body, mind and soul. An exploration of the true essence of each colour can lead us to sensing their frequency and help us to recognise the many faceted connections which exist between our body functions, thoughts and emotions via the cosmic rainbow bridge. The images on this website are not exact representations of chakras, as I do not claim any clairvoyant abilities. I have merely tried to express the personal sensations of the chakras that have arisen during years of exploring the colors in my watercolor paintings.
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