Colours speak to us without words.. They affect our every day lives, emotions and health… Colours  form our self expression... They diffuse our surroundings and all people… Colours are a mystery and a language of our soul….   This mystery of colour runs like a red thread throughout my life since early childhood. It has always held a certain magic for me and in this sense I have given my extended  “VITA” the title “Fairytale of my Life” - which I can send to you on request.  Some of my questions about colour were answered during my varied higher Education in England and the participation in many Yoga and chakra workshops. But in depth insights and true understanding of the essence of colour I gained during my studies of the “Farbenlehre by J. W. Goethe”. During his many years of intensive occupation with nature studies, Goethe had realised that there is no division between knowledge and action. Being aware of this fact, he studied colours with the same practical methods which are used in natural science and showed that all knowledge is always, first of all, practical knowledge because it arises out of everyday life activity and also returns to it. In this sense I have always made sure to be quite clear about that which was happening between myself and the colours when I let them float about in the water in a playful manner. Gradually, I noticed an interconnection between the colours and our chakras, an ancient Yoga wisdom, and that which Goethe had termed the sensual-moral aspects of colour in his time. During the following years, it is this discovery which lead to the meditative Chaquarell painting method in my workshops in England and Spain. In 1990 I was given the opportunity to introduce my ideas by holding a lecture and give some of my painting workshops in Hamburg Norderstedt. Unfortunately, very few people were able to understand me. They could not grasp how and why the images in my paintings were giving me important information about my inner world. One reason was certainly that my German was very rusty after living abroad for 30 years. But, another reason may well be that this topic did not fit well into this time, so soon after the fall of the Berlin wall and the German Re-unification. However, it is also likely that I needed to live through drastic personal experiences on Mallorca to gain even deeper insights,during the following years.   It is in these workshops on Mallorca that I noticed how in many groups a certain dynamic (Appendix) would arise which usually lead to in depth conversations and discussions in breaks and while painting. Occasionally, some of the students would be willing to speak about their emotions arising out of the colours and images. Yet others would be too shy to give away their inmost feelings and several students were even ashamed to admit having experienced them, as if this were an illness. It is then, that I began to see the importance of writing about this method and its therapeutic and healing aspects. This was also made abundantly clear for me personally, when  AGUALINA appeared one day and winked at me out of the Heart Chakra cololurs


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