I was born in Bremen and lived in England for over thirty years as well as two years in

France and nine years on Mallorca. I travelled extensively in Europe: from Ireland,

Scotland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Italy, Austria to

Hungary and the Czech Republic. I was also able to admire the original Lebanon, before it

was destroyed by war. Since 1998 I live in Hamburg where I paint and work as a freelance

English trainer.


      After completing a business apprenticeship, I went to England and lived as an au-pair

for one year in Surrey. Later I worked in London as a bi-lingual secretary, later as a fashion

and photographic model and actress. I also travelled widely as a sales rep and production

assistant for an advertising film company. 


      When my daughter was at Nursery school, I began to help out occasionally on a

voluntary basis and became interested in Education. So, when a special teacher training

programme for adults was set up in London, I took part in it and was able to qualify four

years later to work as a class and art teacher in South London Middle Schools. I also

gathered life experience as a housewife and mother of one daughter who now lives in

Surrey with her husband and son. 



Higher Education:

1975 / 79 Thomas Huxley College, London University: Education, Art and Philosophy.

1987 / 89 Counsellor Training, Centre for Transpersonal Psychology, London


Further Studies in Art:


Drawing and Chinese Ink-Drawing with Cecil Collins, Central School of Art; traditional and

Japanese calligraphy as well as the use of pastels in the City Literary Institute.

Palma de Mallorca:

Engraving at the Studio Torculari and Lithography at the Fundación Joan Miró.


During the eighties I spent two years at Tobias School of Art in East Grinstead, West

Sussex to study watercolour painting and the Colour apprenticeship / Farbenlehre by J. W.

GOETHE. This had a significant influence on my future painting.


Collective Exhibitions

1978/79 - Thomas Huxley College

1980/83 - Festival for Mind, Body and Spirit

1986/88 - Tobias School of Art

1989 - Kunst-Forum, Wahlstedt, Schleswig Holstein

1992 - VII Concurso de Pintura, Andraitx, Mallorca

1993  - Sackville Galerie, London


Single Exhibitions

                 Gallery  "Konkers", London - 1988

                  Volkshochschule Norderstedt, Hamburg - 1990

                  Gallery "Ideas",  Andraitx, Mallorca - 1992

                  Gallery "Eos", Palma de Mallorca - 1993

                                Alliance Francaise, Palma de Mallorca - 1995

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 Paulus Kirche - Hamburg - 2019


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